Wouldn’t It Be Great To Live At A Pokestop?

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Ben (our eldest) is not going to love me for this blog – but we all had a great laugh at his expense last week when he looked at a house next to a ‘Pokestop’ and said “I bet they love living there”.

Some context – we’d been for an early evening dog walk at Blenheim Palace with the children, and they were cheerfully hunting down Pokemon using their phones. This is something that causes some debate in our house – we’d rather they were looking up and taking note of the fantastic surroundings, but there are a few mitigating circumstances…..

  1. Evidence shows that Pokemon Go players walk further now they have the game than they did before. You can measure this with fitness trackers, and as the more you walk, the more you progress there is a very simple explanation for why this is so.
  2. My family are quite sociable with it, and I’ve seen group expeditions occur to catch new and rare ones when there are ‘events’ running.
  3. Sometimes it’s a really easy way to get them all out for a walk.
  4. It’s a lot of fun (in moderation)

Would we be doing this on our tech free day? Not at all, or indeed after hours – but running around parkland together catching virtual monsters seems like a reasonable form of entertainment (and I’ve been known to indulge too). A key aspect of trying to detox from the tech is recognising appropriate rules and behaviours for your family. In our case we’ve decided that if the kids want to gaze at a screen for some of their time walking the dog in parkland, then that’s OK – it’s  a craze that will pass just like any other.

Incidentally, I’m sure that the people who live at this house on the Blenheim Palace Estate do indeed “love living there” – but I suspect not because it’s a Pokestop. Take a look at the house, the location and the view for yourself and see what you think…

Oh – our tech free Sunday did have a ‘rule violation’ this weekend though – I forgot to print out my boarding pass and parking confirmation, and as I had to leave for Luton Airport at 5:30am the following day, I didn’t feel that doing that ‘last minute’ would help my mental state. I did however manage to avoid looking at email, Twitter, Facebook and the broader internet – not something I would have been able to resist before we started our Digital Detox plan…


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