A Day Of Two Halves

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You’d think that in the UK we have weather forecasting down to a fine art – after all we spend so much time discussing it and every TV channel offers frequent updates. Not only that, but I have no less than four weather apps on my phone which I love to check – the best of which was recommended to me by an B52 pilot a few years ago who claimed that they all used it (Dark Sky if you want to buy it for yourself).

Of course on our days off from the tech, we have no such luxury and have to wait for the weather to roll around on the tv or radio news – alternatively Caroline’s advice is to look out of the window….

Last Sunday looked like a good day for a walk, but thanks to a seriously slow start basking in the sun over breakfast we were a little late out of the door with a backpack full of crisps to try a new five mile walk – Ordinance Survey map in hand and a guidebook picked up from St. Mary’s Church in Charlbury we headed out across the fields.

I’m struggling a little to let go of the phone at the moment, with the constant activity that’s taking place around launching the book I’m spending more time than ever looking at email and social media (and the irony of that is not passing me by) – so it’s become more important to put distance between myself and the gadgets, leaving my Wife to bring her phone while mine stays behind.

We got to three miles in before the heavens opened and we got drenched, but with the promise of a pub on the horizon we pressed on, dried out arrived back home around three as the rain started to set in properly.

With nothing to do outside, our attention used to wander to the web – what can we watch with Netflix or YouTube, a bit of online gaming – a quick catch up on email or Facebook. Check in on Snapchat…..nothing unusual for any family, but we’re so out of the habit of doing that on Sunday’s that Jessica (13) appeared with one of my birthday presents from March – a board game called “Ticket To Ride”, and demanded we all play it.

Some good friends of ours from the USA had given us a trial run on this a few months ago – and if you’re looking for a great game that everyone can play, takes an hour or so, and doesn’t cause too much conflict – then this is a great one to go for.

So we spent a happy few hours with a Gin & Tonic, some wine and some squash gathered around the table learning something new together and not thinking about the outside world. We were listening  to a Spotify playlist though – so I cannot say we were completely tech free. In the early weeks of doing this we’d turn off the computers, but we can now all be trusted to hit ‘play’ on Spotify without being distracted 🙂

So we all walked, explored, laughed and played together for the day. And we didn’t need the virtual world to help us along with that.



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