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We were very lucky to get invited to appear on BBC Sunday Live last week, and excited to share our three year experience of giving up gadgets for one day a week – but that paled into insignificance next to the whole Chris Pratt experience that awaited us at the studio.

Chris Pratt is the only person we know of that has three lego versions of himself. Peter, Owen and Emmett. That makes him the most famous person on the planet. Period.

Dumping the tech makes us all that little more creative, but our youngest (Noah) draws superheroes all day long using reams of paper – he always loved to dress up and he worships Mr Pratt – so when we found this picture in the green room of Starlord and his Dad, it was very much the first high point of our day, and THE high point of his. (Sorry Sean and Emma).



Which triggered this Guradians of The Galaxy “Dance Off” warm up………


Shortly afterwards, Noah decided that this was the place that Starlord poops. And so, in order to honour his hero, we took a photo.

(Before he went, not during, or after).

But he can now boast that he’s used Chris Pratt’s toilet, which is not something you’ll hear people boast about often.


On our return from the studio, Jessica and Noah then found this plaque on the wall.


Which in turn triggered further (and more enthusiastic) practice – including roping in two brothers to sing.



Then as we left he insisted on  grabbing his jacket from the car and posing on the steps of All Saints Church, right outside the BBC building. Sadly he left his blasters at home.


Chris – if you read this, then thank you for the inspiration and the madness you bring to our lives!


PS If  you want to read about our BBC Sunday Morning Live appearance, and what we were actually there for, please read the whole BBC Experience blog here

PPS If you’re wondering about the long hair, that’s because he loves Thor too, and when he’s Starlord, he can usually hide it using his mask……












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