Why Buy A Book On Digital Detox?

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“Why would I need a book to go on a Digital Detox?”

Instinctively we know that those around us spend too much time in front of a screen, and we might even try the occasional evening/day/weekend off. You may even notice that everyone feels better for it.

But most of us don’t go on to make it a habit, and they rarely succeed in weaning their children away from the gadgets and back into the heart of the family.

So here are five good reasons why you would benefit from spending a small amount of your hard earned money on my book.

 1 – You Really Do Need A Good Reason

You’re not going to put down your phone, switch of the internet and leave the tablet behind without a good reason to do so. You can bet that your friends/partner/children are not going to do it either. The first half of the book is all about the really good reasons to do so – based on economic and scientific research. Presented in a fun way, I promise.

My wife and I worked hard on this book to give you a whole collection of fun facts to convince others that this is the right thing to do. And not just for your own mental wellbeing.

Yes, there are some scary bits in there, but there’s no preaching – just an educational journey about the effect the internet is having on us all.

 2 – You Might Gain From Our Experience

I never set out to write this book. Never. But during the time we’ve been doing this ourselves we’ve seen such a dramatic shift in our behaviour and that of our children that it became irresponsible not to share the story. Imagine if you were the first person to see a correlation between lung disease and smoking – but chose not to tell others.

Alternatively, imagine that you found a way to keep your family from arguing with each other, to stay closer together, laugh more, sleep better and relax more often. But you kept that to yourself.

We couldn’t keep this story to ourselves, so we’ve picked out all the lessons we learned along the way and the second half of the book is all about our personal journey as a family. There’s even a weekly plan to help you accomplish what we did, but without quite the same level of discomfort!

 3 – It Will Make You Laugh

The number one reason people buy books is to be entertained. This is a light-hearted book. You can laugh at our misfortune and that of our friends as we tried to diet our internet consumption – despite our children’s best efforts to thwart us.

You can laugh at me for being the worst addict in the family, but most of all you can enjoy the feeling that due to the dumb mistakes we made you won’t fall into the same pitfalls along the way.

4 – You’ll Learn Something New

The number two reason people buy books is to learn.  If the the world of social media, parental control, apps, routers and wi-fi is a mystery to you – there are lots of handy tips and tricks in the book that will help you manage the internet in your home, rather than allowing the floodgates to simply open at the door.

5 – You’ll Diet Successfully

Digitox is all about having a healthy digital diet. It’s not about giving up the internet. We know from many decades of experience that controlling our food intake makes us healthier, and as society becomes digitally obese there are lessons to be learned – especially from those that promote lifestyle changes and group collaboration.

There’s a great planned approach to following in our footsteps that everyone can take part in – a step by step guide to how you can successfully diet your internet consumption over the next six weeks (and create a permanent lifestyle change that sticks).

If you are looking for ways to work with your family and friends to exercise a little bit of technical restraint then the book will help.




This book will be a gift to yourself and your family. You will laugh along the way, but most of all you’ll be happier, healthier, safer and smarter for the advice you find inside.

Give it a go, buy a copy now and let me know how you get along (and if I still haven’t convinced you, read the reviews on Amazon or Goodreads)


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